God Provides Everything – Even a Husband

*D is a woman who has been a convert for years but who do not attend church. She isn’t able to attend church or leave her home due to the traditions of Kabyle society. We’ve been in contact with her for the last two years, through talking on the phone. When she became the age that her society deems the age to get married, she made it clear to her family that she would never agree to marry a non-Christian.

Her mother began to question her:

“Where will this Christian man come from, no one knows that you exist.”

D became worried, but we prayed with her. We told her that beyond the walls and roof of her house, she has a Father in heaven who will provide for her because He loves her.

A few weeks after we prayed with her, a man within our church expressed to us his desire to get married. We told him about D and how she wanted to get married to a Christian man. We then put them in contact with each other and prayed the Lord would bless them. The Lord allowed their relationship to progress and they recently celebrated their wedding in a church.


We give glory to our Lord who tells us that he will build his Church, and nothing will prevail against it.


*Name has been removed for security purposes.

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  1. Kent Pratt

    God is still responsive to the affairs of his people. To receive glory he bathes us in his glory. May this marriage glorify our Father who is in heaven and know the love of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit


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