God prepares husband; then wife

We first met Mr. M last August when we saw him sitting alone on the terrace of his house located on the edge of a rice field where he and his wife live. They had a few goats in their yard. The nearest neighbour lives about 100 yards away.


Hearing the Gospel for the first time, Mr. M confessed to believe in Jesus. Since then, he has been meeting with us twice a week to study the Word of God. We often need to repeat the same story several times because he is forgetful. After three months, in November 2017, Mr. M was ready to be baptized. We baptized him in the pond behind his house.


We asked Mr. M to share the Good News with his wife and other family members, but he has not felt ready to do this and has not yet memorized the gospel story. When we meet with Mr. M, his wife always leaves us to continue her work. But one day last month, after welcoming us, Mr. M excused himself to finish some work in the kitchen. Mrs. M accompanied us to the living room. With God’s help, we shared the Good News with her. She had heard the story of Jesus Christ when she was a child. At the end of our sharing, we challenged her to believe. Praise God! Mrs. M also confessed her faith. After praying together, we explained about baptism and she was ready!


We asked Mr. M to pause from his activities to prepare for the baptism of his wife. We four went to the pond out back and Mr. M, with our guidance, baptized his wife. It was a joyous time. We wanted him to baptize his wife so that he can baptize others when he begins sharing the Good News and people come to faith.


We provide different study materials in this couple’s discipleship. Mr. M always participates in meetings with his wife, but his wife does not participate in our meetings with her husband. We have not forbidden her to join in our meetings, but she chooses to continue her work. We hope that Mr. M will learn from the way we disciple his wife and be able to disciple her in the same way.


Our prayer is that before long, Mr. M will reach out and form multiplying churches himself. We will, of course, help and facilitate him during the whole process.


Please pray:

  1. Pray that Mr. and Mrs. M’s faith will grow.
  2. Pray for their discipleship that they will learn and remember the Bible stories and discuss them together.
  3. Pray that Mr. M will be brave enough to begin sharing the Good News with others.


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