God Led Us to Them

After about a five-month absence, Daud* finally returned to our area. In a meeting with the leaders of a group of believers in January 2019, Eka* shared that his group member, Daud, who had formed a new group of four believers, went to another province to work. His group members weren’t able to meet again, and no one to disciple them. We had tried to contact Daud to ask how long he would be gone, but we never managed to get back to us.

After holding an evaluation in January, Eka, and we agreed to meet Brother Dian*, one of the four in Daud’s group whom we had met when he was baptized. We wanted to train him to reach out to others and disciple Daud’s group. Brother Dian agreed to meet with us regularly.

At the beginning of our trainings with Brother Dian, we took him to find people who were open to listening to the Good News. We used the opportunity to show him how to share the Good News with others. We met Eka, who was visiting his family. He believed and was baptized.

At our next meeting with Brother Dian, we asked him if he had been able to share the Good News with anyone. He said he had shared with four local people, and two of them claimed to believe! So, we started to train him in how to disciple these new believers. We also encouraged Brother Dian to meet other members of Daud’s group and lead their group until Daud returned. Within a few weeks, Brother Pet had gathered his group-mates and was leading them.

IONS MAy June 2019

After about five months of regular meetings with Brother Dian, we met with him the beginning of June. Brother Dian told us that Daud had returned. We arranged a time to meet Daud. Per the agreed time, we met with Daud and his two group members, Brother Dian and Brother Eka.

Our time together was special; we worshipped together. Daud said that while he was outside the area, he still prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. Then we told our confession of faith — that Jesus is Lord and Savior, He died and rose and ascended into heaven to provide a place for those who believe in Him.

Daud had once memorized this confession of faith, but over time, he began to forget. He repeatedly said it with us and was able to memorize it again and could say it smoothly. At that meeting, Brother Dian said that he was eager to gather with Daud to learn together about Jesus Christ.

We are delighted and grateful that Daud returned to our area and resumed leading his group. Sometimes he asks Brother Dian to lead their group meeting. It’s beautiful to see how they are working together in discipling and training group members. The believers that God has brought to us must be well discipled so that their faith and knowledge of Jesus will grow. Wisdom and creativity from God has led us to make disciples and to train Brother Dian in how to win others to Jesus and make disciples as well.


  • Pray that Daud’s group can routinely meet for fellowship and learn God’s Word so that their faith will grow.
  • Pray that Brother Dian will continue to disciple the believers he won to the Lord.
  • Pray that meetings with group leaders will continue to go well and that all the leaders will be able to attend.
  • Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and creativity in making disciples and training the group’s leaders.
*Names have been changed for security.

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