God has Many Ways to Make the Gospel Known

A testimony of two church planters who are serving in the eastern part of Indonesia:

Rendy*, a church planter, was traveling in July to visit a few areas that were hit by the earthquake. He stopped on the side of the road by a small stall in front of a house and got acquainted with the owners. On his next trip, he stopped by again, and the owners invited him to come into their home for a cup of coffee. They ate some snacks while talking about the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed their region last year.

IOCS Jul &Aug 2019- old photoAfter some time, the husband started to complain about their bad luck because they did not get as much help from the government as people in other villages. He said the only help they received was from someone whose a different religion as them, a Christian. Rendy comforted the man, saying it’s OK to be helped by people who are of a different religion with us.

Later he let them know that he is also a Christian. Hearing Rendy’s confession, the wife who was preparing coffee in the kitchen immediately talked loudly, “Oh, so you are also a Christian, huh?” Rendy was startled, thinking that the woman was angry knowing he is a Christian. But she was happy because she believed Rendy might be a good person, like the Christian who helped them during the disaster.

Continuing the conversation, Rendy explained the need for forgiveness of sin and explained the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the salvation of all people who believe in Him. The couple listened attentively, and at the end, they said that they believed in the story that Rendy shared and wanted to believe in Jesus. Later, the wife encouraged her husband to learn more about it from Rendy. When Rendy said goodbye, they invited him to come and revisit them.

Another church planter named Leo*, who’s working in the same area as Rendy, is doing his duty to share the good news with the Muslims and doing follow up with the new believers. One of the new believers he was following up is Daffa*.

Recently, during a visit to Daffa’s house, Leo met with Farah*, Daffa’s daughter, a student who goes to a college in the provincial capital. She was visiting her parents. Daffa told Leo that he had already shared the Gospel with his daughter, but it seemed that she still did not understand the message. He asked Leo to explain the story of the Gospel to Farah again. Leo explained it all over and asked her if she thinks the story made sense and believe in it. Praise God, Farah said she believed it because it is written in the scriptures. When Leo shared with her about the importance of accepting baptism as a sign of a believer’s obedience to the Lord, she said she still needed some time to think about it. Please pray for Farah that she will grow in more understanding about Christ and that she will encounter Christ herself.”

*Names changed for security.

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