God Calls Family to an Unreached People Group

God Calls Family to an Unreached People Group

Two years ago, a family of missionaries moved to the north-east region of the country to minister to the Alma people group, who are a minority in the region. For many years, the Almas were an unrecognized ethnic group that had been almost entirely assimilated into the larger ethnic groups of the country.

These missionaries recognized a great need among the Almas, as there were very few believers among them. We believe that the Good News must reach every nation and every individual, as the Bible commands. Being continually moved by this vision from God, the Alma team continues its ministry faithfully today, even though they have had to overcome many obstacles and troubles.

The first among these difficulties, at least initially, was that the area in which they work is unsafe, as the people in the Alma villages take a very negative attitudes towards Christianity. However, two years of our missionaries living among them in the villages has allowed the local community to see that Christians have true dignity, honesty, kindness, and love. Now these missionaries are respected members of this village community.

God has blessed this family in their work, and has even provided them with a local family that helps them in their ministry as well. Together, these two families faithfully spread the Good News among the Almas. Their ministry mainly includes home visits, and receiving guests in their homes. Some have rejected the message, and some have ignored it, but still some have accepted it and have been baptized.

Currently, they are hoping to help the Almas to register their own union – a public, non-governmental organization – in order to help them preserve their culture and traditions. Unfortunately, certain criteria do not allow to register a people group like theirs that has been so heavily assimilated, but this Public Union, if registered, will help them to celebrate their cultural events, organize activities, and be linked to other Alma people who are no longer living in the area. We believe that this will help them to develop as community and continue to grow.

Please continue to support Alma team through prayer. Living in these remote villages, being parents of many children, and running a ministry makes for quite a busy life. Every day they face spiritual, emotional, and financial challenges. Please continue to pray for strength, health, and needs of the team members and their families.

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