God Called Him Back

Why did God call him so quickly? This question crossed our minds when we heard that Pak Dah, a man we had recently baptized, had died. He passed away on October 28, 2017 at the age of 52 years.


We had known Pak Dah since 2008. We shared the Good News with him several times. Then, mid-2015, when we were taking him to the doctor in the city, he said he believed in Jesus as his personal Savior. A few weeks later, Pak Dah moved to a village about 9 hours from our area. Since we could not personally disciple him anymore, we asked another Christian living close to his village if he could help, but for some reason, the discipleship did not go well.


In early October 2017 Pak Dah’s daughter called us to ask for our address because she was in our area and wanted to visit us. It turned out, we did not meet with her because of her busy schedule. Plus we learned that she was actually quite far from our village. But I was able to ask her on the phone about Pak Dah.


She said her father had returned to live in their home which is about a 3-hour drive from our house. We were glad to hear that and immediately contacted Pak Dah at the number she gave. We asked him if he still remembered the story of Jesus Christ. Yes, he remembered the story and asked us to come to his house.


At the agreed upon time, we went to Pak Dah’s home. After catching up on things, we reminded him again of Jesus Christ. As we were re-telling the Gospel story, he was very touched and started crying. After we explained about baptism to him, he wanted to be baptized. So after all the family members had left, we baptized him in their home. After the baptism, we spent time with Pak Dah for discipleship.


The next week, we couldn’t meet with Pak Dah because we were at a ministry event out of town. During this event, we prepared discipleship and training materials and even the next steps we would use at our next meeting with Pak Dah.


When we called to set our next appointment, Pak Dah’s wife picked up his phone. In tears, she told us that her husband had passed away. We were shocked because he seemed fine two weeks earlier and he was only 52! Above all we believe that God had a plan over the life of Pak Dah. We are very grateful that he believed in Jesus Christ before he was called Home. Now we are praying for the rest of his family to come to faith.


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  1. Joan Asker

    Thank you for your persistency and consistency in sharing Christ with Pak Dah. I look forward to meeting him in heaven! and we will continue to pray for his family.


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