Goat Project Opens Doors to New Community

For this month of April, we are sharing with you news from the Nakikarfi church. The two pastors who are our missionaries there wrote: “We are thrilled to be able to share about the impact that the church is having after the distribution of goats to members of the community. Many of the villagers were touched by the Christians’ love towards them through the goat project, and many decided to become followers of Christ as a result.”

However, many are still fearful of being exposed, as the chief of the village is an influential religious man. In spite of this, we remain encouraged, because some of them come to us secretly to express their faith and interest in learning more.

One of the women benefited by the goat project said: “You did not consider the fact that we belong to another religion, but you blessed us just as God asked you to do. We are so proud of you.”

The chief of the village is a friend, though he is elderly compared to us. When he has not seen us for some time, he always inquires about our state of health and more. He often comes to us for advice when he has to make an important decision, and whenever he receives special gifts for the Muslim community, the people encourage him to also share with us.

Indeed, the goat project made out integration into the village much easier than it would have been otherwise. We thank the Lord, and we also thank Ba-Iyaka and their partners for supporting this vision. Our prayer is that it will increase in size and capacity.

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