Give Two Goats, Gain a Herd

This is a testimony of a woman who benefitted greatly from a gift given through our HOH program:

My name is Mainassara from Maradi in Niger. I am so glad to share my testimony regarding what was given to me that allowed me to have a small herd that will become a big herd someday.

I was given two goats in August of 2017. By God’s grace, both of them were already pregnant. What a wonderful opportunity! Even before I received them, I had gathered enough feed to care for them. When they were given to me, I took good care of them.

By the end of October 2017, one of them gave birth to two more. Before my joy faded, the second one gave birth! Within a few months I was blessed with three more goats than I had started with. They grew healthy, and here I am, blessed with three Billy goats. This is the first time in my life to have my own herd, and I have much hope that it will grow bigger.

Now as I write, these two goats are pregnant again, and by June they will give birth, God willing. My plan is to sell the three Billy goats and buy females. When I have five females, the herd will be able to grow even larger.

I want to thank Ba-Iyaka / Niger and their partners for giving me this opportunity to gain much more freedom. Within a few years, I will possess a great number of goats, all thanks to the gift of two. Thank you again, and may the Lord keep sustaining you.

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