Ghosts, Floods, and Other Happenings

Thank you for all of your prayers and support for River of Life Church Cambodia. We want to give you a brief update of last quarter’s happenings in River of Life Ministry.

CBCR sept oct 2019 update ghosts1


  • Our beloved Phnom Penh Festival sponsored by the Billy Graham Association was held last month. Thank God for this historical event in Phnom Penh city for a wide-open door for proclaiming the Gospel in the public places. And pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in people’s lives.                       
  • Farmers in Cambodia need much prayer. Approximately 75% farmland of the country is devoted to growing rice. Last March, the government had asked people to refrain from planting the short term (dry season) rice due to lack of water. Now other provinces are facing floods, causing much damage to rice crops. Many farmers are devastated by these crises.
  • The Pchum Ben (Ancestors’ Day) festival was September 27-30, 2019. This is a time when many Cambodians pay their respects to deceased relatives of up to seven generations. During this period, it is believed that the gates of hell are opened, and ghosts of the dead are especially active. To combat this, the living relatives must offer food for them in seven pagodas during this festival. Some of these ghosts have the opportunity to end their period of purgation, whereas others are imagined to leave hell temporarily, to then return to endure more suffering.CBCR sept oct 2019 update ghosts2

Encouragement and Meeting with Provincial Leaders

  • Pastor Mony and the team traveled to the north, northeast, and northwest regions to encourage and strengthen the leaders of local churches and provincial committees. Also, he encouraged churches that do not have a permit yet to get one as soon as they would meet all the requirements to be legally registered as a church


  • Leadership Training conference aimed to strengthen the establishment of proper ministry. We discussed our future goal of the whole ministry, the River of Life Church, Cambodia. We looked at some principles to guide for a healthy ministry. We also looked at the necessary activities to accomplish the goal like the weekly worship service, praying as a group both weekly and the prayer with fasting, the Fellowship in cell groups, evangelism, etc. Third thing, we looked at the strengthening of our beliefs as the River of Life Church Cambodia. What we believe is very important in serving God, for example, like the aspect of the Trinity, the Life of Jesus, eschatology, etc. We also pointed to the difference and the value of the ordained and non-ordained minister. Our desire is for every pastor to be ordained properly in our ministry. Lastly, we discussed the teaching of the sound doctrine, and to recognize and be cautious of the false teachings as well.
  • In the youth training in 2019, we divided into two trainings. One for the men the other for the women. The contents for both trainings are the same. In these trainings, we discussed seven aspects. One is the foundation of faith. Second is the life of Christ. The third is the characters of God’s servants. Fourth is the different ministries in the body of Christ. The fifth is the mercy ministry. Sixth is understanding the sound doctrine. Lastly is beware of false doctrines. Our goal is to have the youth to have the right foundation of faith in the Lord, to know and to grow in the right characters as a servant of God, to have more knowledge of sound teachings. Also that they are protected from any false teachings that have been spread across the land.   CBCR sept oct 2019 update ghosts3            

Once again, thank you so much for your prayers and financial support for the River of Life ministry. 

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