Fulani Muslim woman comes to Christ

The Lord has been gracious to us here in Ghana. He alone has been our guide and has helped us overcome any barriers that have tried to stand in the way of ministry and has brought us success in all our endeavors. We see this in our outreach to the unreached Fulani People Group.

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We want to share a story of what the Lord has done so that you will rejoice and continue to pray with us:

Julia* and Giana* continue to reach out to the Fula (also called Fulani) people at a camp and in their neighboring villages. By the grace of God, Giana’s younger sister Naomi* has renounced Islam and has come to faith in Jesus Christ. Naomi is 34 years old and has two children. She and Giana are the only Christians in their family.

Firm in Faith

For a long time, Naomi had been torn between worshipping Allah and Jesus Christ. According to Julia, when Naomi was only four years old, she lived with the Gyani* family and was introduced to Christ at an early age. However, at some point, she left Giana’s family to live with her parents. At that time, she returned to the family religion of Islam.

Through the prayerful efforts of Julia and Giana and by the grace of God, Naomi finally decided to give her life to Christ regardless of any persecution, including cruel mockery. Among Fulanis, it is considered that “…being a Fulani and going to church is shameful,” says Julia. As a result, Naomi is mocked by members of her extended family for becoming a Christian, but she is firm in her decision to stay true to Christ.

She joins Julia and Giana’s fellowship of mostly Fulani women and benefits from the Discovery Bible Study lessons and housekeeping skills that the women are taught, among other things.

Praise be to God for bringing another Fulani Muslim to faith! Let us continue to pray that the Fulani outreach will birth even more significant results.

*Names have been changed for security purposes.

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