Fruits of Ministry Revealed after Five Years

Fruits of Ministry Revealed after Five Years

Five years ago, we had the opportunity to share the Gospel on a television channel at the invitation of an Islamic political party. This invitation was in reaction to a book that we published about apologetics, and was extended with the desire to confront Christianity with Islam. They wanted me to be part of a series of programs alongside Muslim radicals, so that we might compare beliefs side by side. Faced with the challenge, I asked my supporters and my small church to be praying, not only for the challenge I would face on the program, but also for what the audience was going to hear.

After it was all over, I was made aware just how many people had been watching. The numbers were encouraging, but the results were not. We received many calls during the program, but we had no one new come to us with interest in the Gospel.

This brings us to a chance meeting I had a few days ago. A man and his wife from one of the most remote provinces of Asia Minor came into the church and wanted to talk to me in particular.  He told me that he had converted to Christianity after watching one of these programs – specifically the episode in which I tried to explain the concept of the Trinity in the simplest way possible. His wife was with him, but she still had not made the commitment to follow Jesus.

The visit alone was an incredible encouragement to me – that I could see the fruit of these programs so long after they had aired. However, during their visit and through our conversation, his wife also finally made the decision to accept the Gospel as well. Currently they have no other believers in their province to fellowship with, but as he says, “My heart is my church, my bible is my church, and my lips are my church! Glory to God!”


  • Thank you for praying for these new believers, and may the Lord bring others to know him through this incredible couple.
  • Pray for workers to come alongside them to help build the church in this city.

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