From Radical to the Waters of Baptism

In his search for a genuine relationship with God, he ended up immersing himself and his family in the theology of radical Islam and started working in a mosque. He spent a large part of his day studying the Quran.
After a while, he learned about Christ as our Savior and decided that is where he wanted to put his faith.

He was recently baptized to confess his faith in the Savior; we were happy to celebrate him. Getting ready for his baptism, he told us: “I rejoice in this step that I am taking. However, I made a mistake by immersing my wife and four children in radicalism. I pray the Lord will help me free them from this. May He bring his grace and revelation to all of my household.”

SPPM Before

He is still employed by the mosque and desires significantly to find new employment. Today, his life is transformed. We look at these two photos, and the contrast fills us with joy! In the first, we see him surrounded by radical brothers. The second photo speaks for itself. Praise God!

SPPM 2019

Thank you for praying

  • These new believers are springing up all over the country. Pray that they may be discipled by other believers and contacted by the national church.
  • Pray, we see a mass movement in this country that comes surrendered to the feet of Jesus.

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