From Outcastes to Doctors!

Bible Faith Mission, located in South India, ministers to the Dalits (Outcastes) and Tribal people—the lowest in the Hindu caste system. We believe in the holistic transformation of each individual in the areas of social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and economical. And we seek to achieve this through various programs, including our BFM school and the Sponsor A Child program.


The Dalits and Tribals are non-literates and experience difficult lives. They do the most menial jobs. At the same time more than 95% of them are ignorant of the value of education and they receive no motivation from anyone.

INBF Aug 2019 update

We praise God that our church families are encouraged to send their children to school so that they will have a better future. BFM started an English Medium school in 2003 to cater to this need and to provide quality education.


The younger generation of the BFM churches and the weaker sections in society were given opportunities to study. As a result, many children got the opportunity for education and now have become doctors, engineers, scientists and working in other professionals. We see great signs of transformation through the imparting of quality education through our school.


Partners International’s Sponsor A Child (SAC) program helps greatly in achieving this goal of the ministry. Abhijith is one of the students studying in our BFM school who is under the SAC program. He comes from a very low economic background and could not even dream that he would one day go to school. Thankfully, as a result of many sacrificial contributions towards his education, he has climbed the ladder and is now studying in 12th grade.


Abhijith adds, “This year I was selected as a house captain. It was a great experience to take oath as a captain of the school. My parents did not study too much, but they always had a desire to see me in studying well. When my parents saw me taking oath, they were in tears. I know these were tears of joy. I am so grateful to God for helping me get this quality education. My aim is to become a physiotherapist.”


It is only by Jesus’ blessing and your generous support that Abhijith has been able to move ahead. Please continue to pray their family as a whole and for more children to be able to be sponsored and gain an education.


Partners International has been partnering with Bible Faith Mission since 1984. Education is just one aspect of the ministry. Church planting is another very strong aspect, uplifting the downtrodden through salvation in Jesus Christ and providing their own churches to worship Him.


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