From Illiterate Farmer to Educated Church Planter

 From Illiterate Farmer to Church PlanterN* is 38 years old, married and has two children in primary school. He works as a farmer and has never finished his education. When he was in the third grade, he had to drop out of school.

We met him two and half years ago. He is a villager in one of the areas we are ministering to in North Egypt. When we met him he was a nominal Christian, who had a shallow knowledge and relationship with the Lord. He used to go to a traditional church, but he never surrendered his life to Christ. He shared that he has always wished to read the Bible, but because of his poor education, he was unable to. He never found anyone that was able to help him with his education. We taught him step by step to read the Bible, as well as how to understand and implement its values in his own life. Day after day, he built a relationship with God and he enjoyed knowing and following Him. He joined a Bible study course that we used to hold on weekly basis in his village. When he took the exams for the course, his grades were better than he had hoped. The growth that we witnessed in his personal life was also reflected on his wife and children.

N* loves the Lord, and his heart is full of passion to minister to and share the Gospel with others both inside his village and in the neighboring villages. He has joined family visits with AWEMA workers for more than six month now. He also visits others in neighboring village all by himself to share the Love of God with them.

The AWEMA worker ministering in his area nominated him to join the AWEMA church planting training school for the second generation. He willingly committed to this school and he is now active and eager to learn and know more. He is currently helping us in the ministry. His love and passion for the Lord is great. We consider him one of the best in our school.

Through the life of this man, God has inspired us to start a literacy class. Many people in these villages are illiterate, but they are eager to read the Bible, just as N* was.

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