From Friendship to Brothers in Christ

Our ministry, IFCM, in South India is actively involved in raising up grassroots Christian leaders. God has enabled us to start our Leadership Training Programs in some of the northern states. We praise God for this opportunity to equip lay leaders for the ministry and for community development work such as our Health Camps in remote villages where medical facilities are not available.

These programs have helped to transform communities and impact the lives of many individuals. Take Adarsh for example. He is a retired soldier in the Indian army. He comes from a very orthodox Hindu family that always followed their religion’s rituals of worship.

IFCM aug 2019- Adarsh

One day our field worker, Haripreet, was ministering in a village and he met Adarsh. They began to converse and hit it off right from the start. Over time they became good friends.

Adarsh was curious to know what kept this person always joyful. One day he asked Haripreet that very thing. Haripreet shared his life story and how God had saved him and had become the very center of his life. Haripreet said, “I talk to my God every day through prayer and He talks to me through His Word—the Bible.” Adarsh was surprised to hear that God talks to his friend. He’d never heard of such a thing.

God was working in Adarsh’s heart. One day Adarsh decided to invite Jesus into his heart so that he too could experience the joy and peace that his friend had. From that day onward, God transformed his life. He was filled with such peace and joy that he had to share it with others.

Adarsh began attending the leadership training classes. He never missed. As Adarsh was reading the Book of Acts, God spoke to him. Now he and his whole family are serving the Lord. His son, Ishwar, is a full-time student learning the Word of God. His daughter teaches the children in the church.

We praise God for how He works in the lives of people. Adarsh is now an ambassador for the Lord who takes the good news to people in different villages in his area. God is using him mightily to reach many people. We praise God for Adarsh’s life and testimony, and he is grateful for the teaching he is receiving from our Leadership Training Program.

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