From Drunkard to Disciple

From Drunkard to DiscipleBrother Mohanan was a drunkard. Even though his wife and children used to come to the church for regular worship and all the other meetings, Brother Mohanan never wanted a part of it because of his lifestyle. The Pastor of the church used to meet often with him and tell him about the danger of this way of living.

Because of his drinking habit, there wasn’t any real peace or joy in the home. Instead, there was often quarrel and crying. One day, the pastor of the church called him to the church in a very personal way, but he again refused. The members of the church and the pastor prayed for him earnestly at the Friday fasting and prayer meetings. Again, the pastor met with him and shared with him about the Gospel and the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has died and shed His precious blood for the salvation of mankind, including Brother Mohanan. Slowly this brother yielded himself and listened to the Gospel.  That day, he told to the pastor from that time onwards he would attend the church services.

The next Sunday when he went to the church, the pastor preached a sermon about the idea that our body is a temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwells inside us.  If we misuse our body, then we will have to give account to the maker and the owner of our body. Brother Mohanan listened to the message, and shortly afterwards confessed his sin and accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. Now this brother, along with his family, is coming to the church regularly to worship the Lord.

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