From Darkness back into Light

This story comes from one of the Bible Faith Mission churches.

Robi and Latha are blessed with two children – the eldest one recently completed his bachelor’s degree, while the younger is still in the middle of earning his. In spite of receiving many blessings from God, this family turned away from the Lord into darkness and stopped attending the church. As they began to distance themselves from Jesus, the devil was waiting to capture them and their lives. This family began to worship and practice non-Christian faith rituals. We could clearly sense the bondage of their lives to evil practices. The Pastor of the church visited them to pray for their family, but still these practices still prevailed.

It was last month when his first son was in a motor-bike accident. He suffered multiple bone fractures and was taken and admitted to a medical college hospital in critical condition.  His parents didn’t know where to go or what to do. His mother, with nowhere else to turn, asked that the church pray for her son. The local church and the other Bible Faith Mission churches earnestly prayed for this young man.

Shortly afterwards, he had gone through various treatments and he is slowly getting better. His father and his whole family now turned back to the one and only Savior Jesus Christ. Now they openly proclaim that it is because of the grace and love of Jesus that their son’s life is protected. They confessed to the ignorance of turning away from the living God, and they now understand that worshiping anything other than Him will get them nowhere.  It is Jesus who is their Savior and protects them from danger.

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