From Abandoned Wife to Professional Tailor

Amina* traveled back to her home village hoping to find her husband, but it was all in vain. She decided she could put her life back together without him. She approached our ministry for help, and she had a clear vision to learn a new skill, build a career with it, and become independent. Amina* joined our six month tailoring course for women and became a part of the Learning and Livelihood program, which helps women to learn new skills. She was highly motivated and learned very quickly. She completed the course successfully and got a tailoring job.

After almost a year of searching, our staff finally found Amina’s* husband and the couple was able to meet again. They now plan on moving in together and having a fresh start. Through the struggles, Amina* has learned that there is always hope, even in the worst of situations.

*Names changed for security reasons

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