From a Culture of Cursing to One of Blessings

From a Culture of Cursing to One of BlessingDear brothers and sisters in Christ, rejoice with us, for the Glory of God has no limits.

We continue to tell you the stories of how God is reaching the most remote and dark places and people in the world. We have shared in the past about our ministry to the Central Asian gypsies, or Mougats, as they call themselves. This ministry still continues, and we have seen amazing fruit come from our efforts. This ministry started with only one person, then eventually transitioned into one house group, and now we have mini-seminars for these gypsy women. In these seminars, we organize Bible studies, teachings, and discussions for them.

Here you can hear learn about some of the great things God has accomplished.

During one lesson, we started talking about God’s blessings and curses in Exodus chapters 20-28. Many of the women there started to cry, as God was showing them through this story that the occult practices, false prophecies and witchcraft they traditionally participate in are actually evil practices which had brought them curses and suffering. They were crying and repenting in God’s presence, and so much freedom was experienced for the first time that day.From a Culture of Cursing to One of Blessing

Another way in which God has brought His light to these people is in the area of verbal traditions among them. Cursing someone, even your own family member, is considered to be normal. Three women were deeply apologetic that they had been cursing their husbands and children so often. They all made a decision to stop this practice, and asked for God’s help to learn how to start speaking blessings into the lives of their families instead of curses.

When we had a discussion about forgiveness and prayer, the Holy Spirit touched two of the sisters and also three other ladies who had a big argument between them. For a long time, they had been unable to even talk to one another, but now they asked for forgiveness and reconciled, speaking blessings to each other for the first time in years.

These are only brief stories. Step by step, the light of Jesus is coming into the world of these isolated people, with it comes freedom and restoration. Please, stay with us in prayer for even more fruit and even more light for them. Also, please pray for the safety of the team working there.

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