Freed from Addiction through Christ

As Jesus has commanded us to ‘Go and make disciples,” our ministry has branches all over different states of India. Some members of our team were recently blessed with the chance to visit one of these branches in East India, where they observed training programs for women desiring to be transformation group leaders, as well as school teachers and adult literacy teachers.

These are women who have gone through different struggles in their families and communities, and we are reaching them through holistic ministry that has proven over and over to transform lives in a positive way. It is our privilege to train these women who not only get help through their struggles, but also are able to have an encounter with Jesus. Many have found peace and strength through Christ because of this program, and their lives have changed in in every way. Here, they are taught various methods of income generation, and as a result of this many women have started small businesses allow them to provide for their families when previously they never were.

Budai, one of the women in our program, recently shared her story:

“I had a bad habit – even addiction – to chewing tobacco, and using foul language, and I never felt right about it.  I had no friends during this time, and no one talked to me. In my heart I felt constant worry, and I often felt like my life had no direction.

“I started to notice a group of ladies from my neighborhood who were regularly attending a group meeting in one of their homes, and one day one of them invited me to attend. At first I was hesitant, but she insisted that I come anyway, and eventually I accepted. I immediately felt that they had something special. They started giving me advice as I attended more often – advice about my habits that were leading me down a dangerous road. After some months I stopped buying tobacco, and through this group I learned many things about health and cleanliness. Now, again through this group, I have accepted Jesus as my savior and was baptized.”

We request your prayers for the many women who are empowered to be a responsible citizens of their communities as a result of groups like this one. Pray also for more facilitators, who are needed to take these teachings to new villages. We are touched by what the Lord is doing.

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