Free From an Evil Spirit

Village 10

Ali* is a forty-five year old Muslim man who works as a driver. He tells us, “I was a witch. The whole time I was married to my wife, I was under the influence and dominion of an evil spirit. Every night, that spirit would come to me in the form of another woman claiming to be my legitimate wife, and overcame me by force. My marriage and my home suffered more and more the longer this continued.

At the same time, I was making a lot of money because of this spiritual covenant. However, it was a curse disguised as a blessing. All the money I earned seemed to disappear immediately. I was unable to cover my home’s basic needs. My wife, who could not bear to be with me any longer, eventually left me. We are divorced now, and I live with my mother.” Ali* did not only lose his wife – he also lost all of his friends. He knows that the evil spirit was doing its best to isolate him.

Fortunately, he had a friend by the name of John* who did not abandon him. John* is disciple and a servant of the Lord, and he kept visiting Ali* through this difficult time, sharing words of encouragement and hope through Jesus. Ali* said: “I was comforted by John’s words and presence, through which I discovered for the first time who Jesus is. After our first prayer together, the night visits of the evil spirit stopped. I have less struggles in my life. Jesus is powerful.”

Ali and John continue to read the Holy Scriptures, sharing life and praying together. Day after day, changes became obvious in Ali’s* life. Jesus’s miracle in him is even reaching his old mother, as well as several other people in their neighborhood. By the power of the Lord, hope is coming back into Ali’s* existence. Pray that his beloved wife will also be reached by this flow of healing. Amen!

*Names changed for security reasons

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