Franklin Graham Crusade Changes Many

Thank you so much for your prayer for the historic event of the “Beloved Phnom Penh Festival” December 7-8, 2019, sponsored by the Billy Graham Association. Franklin Graham spoke to the largest Christian outreach gathering that the highest level of our government had permitted in the nation’s capital to date. (While the law prohibits non-Buddhist denominations to proselytize publicly.) 

Churches and Christian organizations, including River of Life Church, had been praying, planning and preparing for this event with Franklin Graham for several years. Even though there were obstacles and challenges in seeking approval for a meeting permit, venue, event’s date and mobilization of local churches, the Lord heard our cries and answered our prayer. 

Franklin Graham Crusade
Franklin Graham Outreach

Truly, Cambodia shall be saved! We were elated to see over 10,000 people come each night to hear Franklin Graham preach the Gospel in the open field under the night sky in Phnom Penh. Approximately 1,800 people repeated the prayer of salvation with Franklin Graham for the two nights of the crusade. We give all the glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done in this country! Revival has begun in this precious land! 

This is just the beginning of many great things to come to this nation for the wide-open door to proclaim the Gospel in the public places, to the masses or just seeds planted along with what we have been doing in our ministry. 

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