Four Women Blessed with New Business

Four Women Blessed with New BusinessesWe are grateful to Partners International and to God for the great help they are always giving to the African Inland Church women’s ministry. In 2017 the women’s ministry received the amount of $3,000 for microbusiness, the funds were divided as follows: $300 AIC administration cost, $500 for Juba women group. Four additional groups from refugee camps in Uganda received funds, each group receiving $500. And a team of three women used $200 to be transported to these groups where they gave funds.

Four women from one of the refugee groups received funds and as a result have gotten their businesses up and running. Below are their testimonies:

The first woman, after receiving the money, started a business selling charcoal. “I buy charcoal in bulk at wholesale price and then split them into smaller bags to sell at retail price, at the end of the day I will get 80,000 ush (Uganda Shillings) and have a 40,000 ush in profit. Within six months of receiving help my life changed. I was able to change my family’s diet and get them tea every morning. This was a great achievement for me and this year I added ground nuts to my business and it was a success. Thank you Partners International. Our leader told us you were the helping hand that reached out to me. May God bless you.”

The Second woman had this to say after receiving the money: “The total amount was 200,000 ush, I gave 10% to God and the church and used to rest for starting my Poultry business. I bought 2 ducks at 25,000 ush each, 2 chickens at 12,000 ush each and 2 goats for 140,000 ush. Unfortunately, my ducks died, but one of my chickens survived and laid eggs, from that 16 chicks were born, and the goats produced 4 goats. I now have 6 goats and 20 chickens. I sold some chicks and I was able to pay my children’s school fees. I am very thankful for Partners International and our leader, may God bless you and glory to the most high.”

The third woman stated: “I received 200,000 ush from our group leader. I gave 10% to God and started business with M*. After two months I started seeing changes in my life and I was able to buy food when the food we received from UN ran out. My husband is away in Juba but now I have enough money so I can help with small home issue and give offerings in church every Sunday. I was able to plant ground nuts this year as well. I wanted to thank P* for the support but she told us the money came all the way from Partners International. I said may God continue to bless all of you and glory be to God.”

The fourth woman, after receiving an amount of 200,000 ush said: “I gave 10% to God – I am able give offerings on Sundays at church and able to fellowship with other women who are believers, even in places that are far away. I started a business by selling sugar, onions and dry fish, I am hoping my business will be successful. May God bless the helping hands that reached out to us from Partners International. God bless you and may his name be glorified.”

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