Four Indonesians Change their Eternal Destiny

We thank God for His grace and guidance for our church planters. Although at one point our region had a high percentage of people contracting the coronavirus, our church planters still had the strength and enthusiasm to share the Good News with local people safely by following the health protocols.

Here are four short testimonies about people who came to believe in the Lord Jesus through our ministry.


One church planter met a high school student named Firman in a city park. After becoming acquainted, Firman learned that the church planter is a follower of Jesus, so he explained his dream about someone who claimed to be Jesus Christ.

Since Firman had the dream he had been looking for someone who could explain the meaning of his dream. The church planter took the opportunity to share the Gospel with Firman and explained who Jesus Christ is. Firman believed in Jesus Christ and was baptized a few weeks later.

Muslim man

Not long after that, another church planter was reunited with a young Muslim man whom he had met a few months earlier and with whom he had shared the Gospel.

The accidental meeting gave the church planter the opportunity to continue ministering to this man, who worked as a debt collector in a local company. After several meetings of hearing about salvation in Jesus Christ, this man believed and was baptized.


Later that month, the same church planter encountered a Muslim man named Farel at a tourist spot. Farel is a security guard who works the night shift at a local government office. He is married and has two children.

When the church planter started to share the Gospel with him, he was very open and wanted to hear more, so they arranged to meet again. After a few meetings, Farel believed in Jesus and was baptized.


Another church planter baptized a woman named Dhea. She is 37 and a single mother. Her husband left her and their child, and when our church planter met her, she was so broken and hopeless that she intended to commit suicide.

After hearing the Gospel, Dhea believed in Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. When she believed in the Gospel, she felt relief. Several weeks later she was baptized. Now she feels released from the heavy burden she had been carrying.

Please pray with us that these four new believers will grow in faith—that they will be bold to share the Good News with their communities. Pray also that the Lord will give church planters wisdom in discipling them.

Names changed for security.

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