Forgotten Children Feel Loved for the First Time

Forgotten Children Feel Loved for the First Time

Yang Liu is only fourteen years old, but has already experienced a lot of conflict in his family. His parents are divorced, and he is constantly being bounced between family members – none of whom give him very much attention. Through his mother’s new marriage, he got a new half-brother that became his mother’s new focus. During the weekdays, Yang started staying at the dormitory of the school he attended, and during weekends, he split his time between his two grandmothers. Neither of them wanted the responsibility of watching him, however, and they each tried to get him to spend more time at the others’ home instead of their own.

With all of this conflict, Yang didn’t feel like he had a home anywhere. However, our children’s ministry always welcomes children in situations like these. Yang first discovered this ministry two years ago, and began spending as much time there as he was able. When he first started coming he was very sensitive and easily angered. This caused a lot of conflict between him and the other children, and he was often caught fighting with them.

His behavior eventually led the leader of the children’s ministry to visit Yang’s family and talk with his mother, step-father, and both grandmothers. She suggested that they give Yang more love and attention than they had been. She also arranged a one-on-one prayer group for Yang one of his peers. All of the Sunday school teachers prayed over him and taught him patiently, and he began feeling loved and cared about for the first time in a long time. The leader of this ministry shares: “I see him smile, now. He is also willing to take care of the younger children that come, and he has many friends.”

Children’s ministry in rural East Asia still faces the constant challenge of trying to meet a great need with insufficient resources to do so. In rural East Asia, there are sixty million children just like Yang who are suffering from lack of basic health care, lack of family love, broken families, mental health problems, sexual assault, loneliness, etc. Most of churches feel incapable of caring for their own church, let alone the children in their neighborhoods. Our ministry is a champion in this area. During the last ten years, we have developed very effective training for new Sunday school teachers.

Please join us in for prayer for this ministry:

  • Pray God’s mercy upon Yang and children like him, so that they will experience God’s true love and eternal life
  • Pray that God will provide for this ministry and allow funding to continue coming in. The funds have been very low this year.
  • Pray that the grass-roots workers will continue to learn important skills to serve more effectively.

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