Forced to Hide Her Faith

In our country in North Africa, the presidential elections don’t have an official date set but are scheduled for 2019. We are concerned about the future of the country and at the same time, confident in the Lord for help. God is good to His Church in this beautiful African land; we move forward in His work by the grace of the Lord.

We want to share a testimony with you and ask that you pray for our sister in faith, along with us.


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Marla* is a believer we disciple. She came to know the Lord when her daughter was healed through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. This event changed her life. Marla was able to keep her faith a secret from her Muslim husband and most people for five years.


One day her husband discovered that she was a Christian because of the changes in her life. Her husband demanded that she renounce her faith and return to Islam. Marla did not agree with her husband’s request. As a result, she was kicked out of her home and had to stay with her parents for a long time.


One day Marla decided to return home so that she could be with her children again. She thought she could pretend to her husband that she was praying the Muslim prayer, while in her heart she would pray to the Lord Jesus and ask Him to touch her husband’s heart. Her husband is always watching her and questioning if she has indeed left the Christian faith.


Thank you for praying for Marla. May the Lord give her favor and protect her as her life is in danger if her husband discovers that she is following the Lord Jesus. Pray for her husband to open his heart to the Savior.

*Name changed for security purposes.


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  1. Kathy L Potts

    Lord Jesus, I can not know what it is like to live Marla’s life; so I just lift her to you and ask Holy Spirit, that You would fill her and speak to her in ways that encourage her and leave her with no doubt that You are with her. Jesus, I especially ask that You would soften her husband’s heart, that You would speak to him in dreams, visions, through other believers to bring him to You through salvation. Amen.


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