Flourishing Church Plants

GHCO-Newly planted Deeni Church1.Feb 2015

Our goal for 2014 was to plant 25 new churches and 60 new fellowships. In all, 21 new churches were planted and nine new fellowships established with just over 1,524 people coming to faith in Christ Jesus.

In addition to our new churches, those we formerly established are flourishing. One of our church planters established the Mang- Tindang church two years ago, and it has grown to a membership of about 40 people. Early in 2014, an outreach he conducted birthed a second church with a congregation of 21. It lies in the thick of a heavily Islamic community and is experiencing threats. Even so, pray with us that the members will persevere in their newfound faith as Joseph takes them through effective discipleship lessons.




Christian Outreach Fellowship Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf - Adobe Reader1

Artistic Church Planter – Where we can, we help our church planters start their own business to help them support their families and their ministries. One of our church planters is a missionary with a talent in visual art. COF assisted him in developing his talent by undergoing apprenticeship with an experienced local artist. He completed his training and COF assisted him with the start-up capital to purchase the necessary tools for his work. Today, he is an accomplished artist with expertise in sign-post writing, T-shirt printing, banners and key holders. He has one apprentice and can now sustain himself and his ministry. He shared, “I work hard at my art work center for my daily bread to be able to fight for the salvation of God’s people.”

He has trained three leaders and he oversees four churches and two fellowships with overall memberships of about 290 people.


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