Flooding takes 212 lives

After claiming the lives of 212 persons, the flood waters of the monsoon rains have now receded but lives of the 603,724 affected persons are still in chaos. They are injured and sick, they have lost their loved ones to the floods and landslides, they have lost their homes and their livelihoods and the children have lost their schools and their books. Grateful for the sun, the flood victims dry out their clothes, mattresses, household linen, and books. There are broken chairs, damaged kitchenware, and other ruined household items in heaped into garbage piled along the roads. The once green paddy fields are now a muddy brown. In fact, there is mud everywhere – on the roads, on the trees, on the walls of the houses that were recently colour-washed for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The mud is a reminder to the victims and an exhibit to the visitor, indicating to them that the flood water rose as high as 18 feet in certain areas. There is a chicken coop up on a banana tree and a mangled branch stuck on a lamp post. It is still uncertain as to how those affected can return to normalcy.

The ADT took 500 packs of dry rations and 500 packs of non-food items to those affected by the floods and landslides in the Kalutara District on 6 June 2017. First, the ADT’s relief team visited the estate workers in Aralapolakanda who were marooned by the floods. Living on an elevated rubber estate, these villagers were stranded without access to the town, the hospital or the marketplace. The ADT distributed 172 non-food packs and 172 food packs among these villagers.

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