Fleeing their Country and Running towards Christ

Fleeing their Country and Running to Christ

Since I have been on regular doses of pain medication to deal with the pain caused by pancreatic cancer, I get drowsy and nap a lot. I confess that it is lovely to lay down on a cool bed during the heat of the day for a siesta. This is definitely not possible for our adult children who are usually working 60-70 hours weekly during this harvest and tourist season. So I take naps on their behalf and do not even charge them. In turn, they eat on my behalf because even with ingesting pancreatic enzymes, I have a very limited diet.

What?! You exclaim. The cancer and pain meds must be affecting Iris much more than just causing fatigue and weight loss. Her rationale is askew. You are right. Some things can never be done on behalf of others. Sleeping and eating can only be done for ourselves.

This is also true for eternal life. As much as I would like to, I can never repent of sins committed by others and accept Jesus’ gift of salvation on their behalf. Being born again cannot be inherited or absorbed. This can only happen when individuals hear or read the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior. Might you be encouraged by the following testimony from an Iranian friend we’ll call Shahram*.

“Four years ago my friend Bashir* came from the UK to visit me in Iran. We talked about why he was no longer praying to Allah. I was an opium user and believed if I memorized the Koran, all my problems would be solved. I felt quite superior to my friend. After arguing for a few days, my friend told me that Allah could not solve my problems. He wanted to share with me how he learned about the one true, living God, whom he knew personally and who was all powerful.

“Bashir said he and his family had fled from Iran illegally, with the help of a smuggler, to the UK via Turkey and Greece. They were arrested in Greece and sent back to Turkey. He was devastated because all their money was gone. Bashir went on the internet to find help and there met a man who told him about Jesus, eternal salvation and prayed for him. Eventually Bashir became a Christian. Amazingly, the people smuggler returned some of his money and helped him fill out the paperwork at the UNHCR. After a couple of years Bashir and his family were accepted to immigrate to the UK.

“My friend’s story made me curious. I began to study about Christianity. Sometime later I fled to Turkey where I met Iranian Christians who invited me to their house church on Sundays and Tuesdays. Even though I do not know much about Jesus, I have fallen in love with His teaching and have accepted Him as my Savior. I desire to know Him more and worship the one and only true God, as my friend is doing.”

Praise God Jesus died on our behalf to pay the atonement for our sins. Only He could be our substitute to give us eternal life.

*Names changed for security reasons

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