Five times on trial

Story of Persecution


Aldi* has a passion to share the Gospel with his own countrymen. He became a church planter with Sundanese Christian Fellowship and established his ministry in a village. A few people of Muslim background accepted Christ. Aldi began meeting with them to disciple them. Others of Muslim faith found out, and investigated who had introduced them to the Gospel. They called him in for questioning and ultimately brought him up on trial on charges of forcing people to convert to Christianity. He defended himself saying, “I’m Christian. I talk about Christianity. I just share about my faith. It happened in our conversation that he shared his opinion and I did too. If he becomes a believer it’s not because of me, it’s because he knows the righteousness in Jesus.”
Aldi was found innocent and released. But later, the same clerics charged him again. God gave him wisdom to respond to their questions and he was found innocent. Then they charged him again. And again he was found innocent. Five times they took him to trial in his first year of ministry. Five times, he was released.
Praise God for his favor on Aldi! But this story illustrates the intense persecution many Christians face in the least reached areas. Many Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus who become believers are disowned by their families. Some lose their jobs or businesses. Others are shunned from their social circles. Making a decision for Christ has huge repercussions on their lives. Some who choose Christ return to their former religion after awhile, not wanting to bear the intense persecution that follows.
Our ministry partners not only reach out to their communities to share their faith, but strive to provide community, resources, jobs and other discipleship to them because choosing Christ for these believers is only the first step. They need the continued discipleship. And you have faithfully helped provide that. Partners International supports ministries like Aldi’s facing this type of persecution. In order to continue our work we need your help!

As we approach the end of our fiscal year, we need $175,000 to Where Most Needed by June 30 to continue to support and encourage workers like Aldi. Give today!


*Name changed for security reasons.

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