A First for PI Women Leaders in the Horn of Africa

Last month (April 23-27) a select group of women leaders from our ministry partners in the Horn of Africa came together for a first-ever Leadership and Women’s Cycle of Life training. The event was held in Kampala, Uganda, and hosted by the Women’s Ministry of Africa Inland Church Uganda, and funded by Partners International’s Women’s Ministry.

The women leaders hailed from 6 countries (South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania) and ranged in age from 40 to 60. The training focused on leadership, forgiveness, anger and conflict resolution, problem solving, and a woman’s worth in the eyes of God.

Skits, demonstrations, lectures, and small group discussions all worked to make the days interesting. Topics covered included discussions of a woman’s worth, cultural issues such as root causes/solutions of child marriage, unwed mothers, dowry, polygamy, characteristics of a bad/good leader, Jesus’ leadership style, forgiveness, and anger management…to name a few.

Cari Johnson, director of Partners International’s Women’s Ministry, was one of the speakers. She shared, “Specifically, because of the war in South Sudan, many of the women have been traumatized by what they have seen and experienced. Though we were from many countries, we encouraged each other with prayer and God’s Word, which provide help for all of us. . . ”

One of the greatest outcomes in this training event was the bonding between the women from the six countries as they gathered in small groups to work on issues assigned them.

“We also took time for fun and games,” Cari said. “The laughter was like good medicine for all of us.”

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