Finding Jesus through Organic Fertilizer


This is a story from a church planter in Indonesia.


 finding Jesus through organic fertilizer1After planning and praying for a month, God finally opened the way for us to enter a village. The training I attended about Community Development some time ago has made me feel more equipped to enter the village. On October 26th, my fellow church planter and I met R*, who is sixty years old farmer. He welcomed us warmly into his hut. We spent time talking about his farming experience, and I was able to share the Gospel with him. He was intrigued when he heard me talking about sin, judgment, and eternal life, and he listened intently. When I asked him if he wanted to believe and accept the way of salvation provided by Jesus Christ, and he said he did. So, I invited him to pray to confess his sin. I forgot to tell him to follow my prayer, but when I began to pray, I was surprised because he immediately followed my prayer without having to be instructed. After praying, I continued to share with him the story of the Ethiopian eunuch to explain baptism. He immediately told me that he was ready to be baptized that day. Since there was a river near his farm, we were able to baptize him that day.

Three days later, I visited him again at his farm. He had been waiting for me and this time he invited three of his friends to join us making organic fertilizers. He taught us how to do this by using banana stems. While preparing the necessary materials I began to recount the Gospel story to confirm his understanding. We talked while we were working, his three friends seemed relaxed and open to what I was sharing with them. They began to ask questions about Jesus. Since then I have been regularly visiting the farm twice a week either to meet R* for discipleship or to share more stories about Jesus with his three friends. His friends did not reject my preaching of the Gospel, but they have not come to believe it either. They still need more time to better understand the message of the Gospel.

 Finding Jesus Through Organic Fertilizer

I really hope that God will keep the way open for me to preach the good news in this village with more people. And I hope that R’s* farm will become a place where we can continue to study God’s Word while learning organic farming as well. Let’s praise Him for opening the way for us to reach out to the villagers and please keep me and my fellow workers in your prayers.

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