Fiery Furnace too real for Mekong believers

Few of the Christian leaders in the Mekong have the luxury of going to Bible school. Many have grown up with Buddhist and animistic practices as part of their cultural and spiritual understanding. It’s crucial that leaders be instilled with solid Biblical doctrine. In several ministries in the Mekong that Partners International helps support, we find that Oral Bible storytelling is one of the most effective ways to train church planters in sharing the Gospel. A skilled multilingual Mekong staff member holds the orality trainings.


Through the Oral Bible story training, participants learn and memorize basic Bible stories. Instead of just verbalizing the stories with non-believers, participants learn to act out the stories using drama or music. This method works best because many of those they minister to are non-literate.


Last month in an Oral Bible Story Telling training, the instructor saw a strong response to the story of the three young Hebrew men who were thrown into the fiery furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar. Upon hearing this story, several students became visibly upset and emotional. The teacher asked what was wrong. They explained that after they had become Christians, their houses had been burned down and they were forced to leave their families, friends and village.


“Truly, we American Christians may have the luxury of philosophizing about politics and Christianity,” related our Mekong Area Director, “but out here on the front lines, Christians have their faith tested for real. We need to identify with them in their suffering.”


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