Fellowship Team Brings Jesus Back into a Family

Fellowship Team Brings Jesus Back into a FamilyGeetha was born and raise in a Christian home, but her husband was from a different faith. He is a government employee who has a very strong views and background. After the marriage, she was compelled to go to the temple to ease the pressure she felt from the rest of her family. As days went by, she had no option but to adapt and live like a non-Christian, and to blindly follow her husband.

Geetha learned tailoring and received great hands on experience in stitching. One day the Bible Faith Mission Women’s Fellowship members visited the area where the she lived, and they invited her to come for a meeting on design tailoring. She attended the meeting but could not continue, as her husband was in a bike accident and was seriously injured. After a few months of treatment, he was discharged from the hospital.

Our women’s fellowship team visited the house again and shared about the love of God and the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Very soon, her husband was healed and became eager to hear more about this Jesus and the salvation that He offers. Now Geetha and her husband have started to come to the church. We covet your valuable prayers for this family, that the Spirit of God would continue to touch this family.

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