Fear has a Hold on Followers of Islam



















Abdias* is the Christian Outreach Fellowship missionary to the Ligbi people living in T* and its surrounding towns and villages.

Because the Ligbis and the other tribes Abdias* ministers to are predominantly Muslim, it is often the case that he is regularly in close contact with Muslims.

A couple – Yaya* and Abiba* – are some of Abdias’* contacts in this people group. He says they are very much convinced that Jesus is the Savior that they need. Yaya* opened up to Abdias* and said, “I know Islam has nothing for me, but it is not easy for my wife and I to leave it”.

Yaya* and his wife aren’t the only ones there that are afraid. There are also Omar* and his sister Rubia,* who Abdias* has recently come into contact with. Abdias* said that he presented the Gospel to them and, because of that, they would often come to him asking for prayers concerning various issues they were facing.

However, the ultimate decision of coming to faith in Jesus Christ has yet to be made by Omar* and Rubia* due to the same old foe – fear. So then the question goes: for how long shall fear hold? Fear of man, fear of loneliness, fear of loss, fear of death, and the list goes on.

It will take your prayers and ours for God to give Yaya,* his wife, and Omar* and his sister to have the boldness it takes to say ‘No’ to Islam and embrace the kind of life that only Jesus Christ can give. Like the believers prayed for boldness in Acts 4: 30 and had their request granted (v31), so do I believe that the Lord will answer us also when we pray. After all, did He not say in His Word that it’s not His will for anyone to perish?

*Names changed for security reasons

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