Fatou’s Struggle From Birth

Fatou was born with a birth defect that appeared as a tear in the middle of her upper lip. Hawa, Fatou’s mother, had never seen anything like it and didn’t know what to do. She was afraid that Fatou would be deformed for life. 

Fatou's struggle from birth

Hawa started talking to close friends and learned her daughter had what’s called a cleft lip. When children are born with a cleft lip, the parents have to act fast. Surgery is recommended within the first 12 months after birth. 


If the surgery is done quickly and successfully, the child will grow up as a normal child with minimal scar tissue. If the surgery isn’t done soon, the child will face difficult health complications for life.




Not only did Hawa need to quickly find a qualified hospital for the surgery, but she also needed support. She needed somebody to stand beside her and walk with her through this heart-breaking time. This is where our Ministry Partner, Inter-Senegal Mission, entered the story. 


Inter-Senegal Mission works with Barthimee Hospital in Thies, Senegal, to supply surrounding villagers with the best medical help available. At the same time, the staff shares with them the love of Jesus, first in the waiting room through Biblical literature and Christian videos, and then through personal relationships.



Fatou's free surgery

When Barthimee learned about Fatou, they invited Hawa and her husband to bring their daughter to the hospital for surgery. They told the family it would cost them nothing. The surgeons operated on Fatou when she was just three months old. They provided not only free surgical care but follow-up nursing care and medication. 


Today, two years later, Hawa is excited to say, “If you tell anyone that Fatou had a split lip, nobody would believe you! Only those who saw her as a baby will be able to tell. It’s truly a miracle! Barthimee did so much for us, and they didn’t even ask us for a penny.”




Our Ministry Partner is able to help families like this thanks to a generous gift of medical supplies they receive each year from America. Partners International is responsible for the sea and land transportation costs to get the shipping containers from America to the hospital in Thies. 


Your gift today toward the shipping costs will help more families receive medical care and the opportunity to hear the Gospel from the staff at Barthimee Hospital. 


While providing for the physical needs of villagers in western Senegal, you are also helping to share the Gospel with those who have never heard it. Thank you in advance for helping to ship vital medical supplies to this strategic and Gospel-focused ministry in Senegal. 


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