Farm Project


Of our 148 acres of land, 74 acres have been cultivated. The project received funds from Partners International and our own government. We harvested 157 bags of pearl millet, compared to 39 last year; 278 bags of sorghum, 67 bags of maize, seven bags of sesame, and 71 bags of peanuts. The cotton production is estimated at five tons. Pastors especially express their many thanks to Partners International because the government funding came late. One challenge we face is our need for help with hoeing. We do not have funds to hire out for the work, and so this limits productivity.

Our vision for the farm project is for farmers to continue filling bags for distribution, sales, seed selection and stock. We want to build houses for farmers, and start developing a training center. As funds allow, we also want to fence the fields with wire in order to protect them from the breeders’ cattle. A chapel is also on our list of projects.

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