My older daughter is in second grade. My younger one is in kindergarten. They both go to the same school, which has students from Christian, Jewish and Muslims families. My daughters are witnesses in this school for their teachers and fellow students. My wife also seeks opportunities to minister as she teaches at this same school.

My wife and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary in July. Thank God for all these years, come rain and shine. We have been searching for a house in town in order to be closer to our home and work. We commute three hours both ways each day as the traffic is very bad in Jerusalem. We haven’t found a house, so we opted for renovating our current house in a suburb of Jerusalem. We are living in a mixed area with Jews and Arabs, and we have friendly relationships with our neighbors as they know we are peaceful Christians who seek to respect and love others.

Being one of Partners International’s partners is an honor for JEO and its workers. The gifts and prayers of partners like you have made a difference in our ministry and for our staff members’ personally. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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