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We live in a shame-based culture

People are terrified of what others think about them in Central Asia. People tend to hide things that, according to their understanding, people might dislike or be judgmental about. There are many things people felt and continue to feel ashamed of in our area: the shame of being a victim of abuse, the shame of not getting married by a certain age, shame of being unable to give birth and especially the shame of being a parent of a special needs child.

For many decades people preferred to hide their disabled children in their homes or specialized institutions. Many families live as if they don’t have an “inconvenient” family member. The root of this is the cultural belief that special needs children are a curse.

That’s why we started a center for special needs children in the northern area of our country. This was a significant breakthrough, and the best part is the parents initiated it. They agreed to step up, be proactive, start improving their situation and make their needs known to other people who can help.

A significant part of it was that we were able to share not only the skills of how they can address their issue but also share the amazing love of God to each one of them as part of our community development effort.

The center is working; we have a lovely building provided by the local administration. Parents and children have space where they can come together, celebrate their joys and share their challenges. They can search for solutions together.

When doing God’s work, the enemy does not like to stay silent.

There was an old man that came to the center and offered his help – doing massage for the children. After some time, we realized he was a local “healer.” So, he was doing massage but also spent a lot of time sharing his ideas and what he considered “truths” with the parents. All of it was rooted in occultism.

We had to step in and share God’s view on occult activities with the parents and children. We also helped the leaders in the center realize they can’t rely on humans for truth, only Christ – we should only seek and rely on truth from God. The Leaders asked the man to stay away from the center, but he refused to listen and kept returning. After much prayer from our partners, friends, and many of you, this man stopped coming.

We celebrate God’s glory and His protection over us!

Thank you for staying with us, we need your prayer so much.

Three of our team members are currently struggling with significant health issues, one of them is cancer. Please pray for God’s help in this struggle. May He grant us His healing! Thank you!

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