Faith to Reach His Own People

C* recently went through a training with JVI to become a Master Trainer. He himself is a first generation believer from a particular community in the north. When he accepted Christ, his parents were very disappointed and very not very pleased with his decision to abandon his previous faith. As the days went by, he grew in the Lord and was baptized. It wasn’t an easy road, and there were several difficulties that he had to face in order to stand as an witness to the Lord. It would have been easy for him to have said, “Enough of all this. I will go back to my previous faith.” However, he stood strong in through the trials he faced. God honored his faith and, after five years, his parents also began to follow Christ.

After the training, C* started ministry in his community among his own people. After a long time and a lot of persistence and patience, there were three fellowships that were started. He also trained more than sixty believers in proclamation of the Gospel in a holistic way, and also taught them some developmental and income generation methods for self-sustenance.

Adding to the joy of what the Lord is already doing, three couples and two single men were baptized this week. We praise God for his ministry and pray that the new believers will grow in the Lord and be His witnesses.


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