Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God

IFCM works in remote communities helping locals with their health and hygiene. These people are not only blessed physically but also emotionally, socially, and spiritually. People in the remote villages face many challenges both in their families and in the communities.

IFCM may June 2019

Aabha* comes from a northern district and a very orthodox family background. Although her family wasn’t lacking in things and was able to live a good life, she always felt like something was missings, like she had a hole in her heart. Aabha didn’t understand why she always felt like that.

Not too long ago, our team was visiting some friends in Aabha’s community who had asked us to come and pray and hold a Gospel meeting. We had one very close to Aabha’s house, and she was able to hear the Gospel message. Her heart was open, and she wanted to listen more about Jesus. She felt that somehow, the hole in her heart was filling with joy.

Her parents did not allow her to go out, but she managed to get out and attend a church service to listen to God’s Word. Slowly the Word started to work in her. This was the first time she felt like she had nothing good in her, and she repented of her sins and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. She faced a lot of opposition in her home from her three brothers, who did not approve of her going to church. But she stood firm and regularly attended the church.

She has been able to share the Gospel with her family members and prayed fervently for them. The greater joy for her is that her three sisters and her parents are now coming to church. They have stopped other rituals and practices. They understand the living God can give them peace, joy, and listens to and answers their prayers.

Aabha is still praying for her brothers to know the true and living God. Aabha is preparing herself for baptisms. Please pray for Aabha and her family.

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