Exponential Witnessing in a Womens Prison

One of the Arab inmates in the womens prison had requested a Bible from us during our previous visit. Exponential Witnessing in a Womens PrisonDuring our next visit we gave her one, and she took it eagerly and pressed it to her heart and kissed it happily like a child with a gift she had long waited for. She said: “Now I can rest. Thank you.” Since then, we learned that the other inmates in the prison cell got angry with her for kneeling beside her bed on a daily basis to pray, but God gave her favor in the heart of the warden, who allowed her to practice her faith with freedom. After a while, the other inmates started asking her about the reason behind her joy and comfort that she has. She started witnessing to them and telling them that Jesus is the reason for the hope that she has. The other women started coming to her asking for prayers for themselves and for their families.

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