Bees and latrines open the way

In the midst of so many activities, we at Maghreb Project can tell you that the Lord has been faithful and we have been able to advance, not only in the development work, but also in sharing the Good News. We finally bought the bee hives. People are now working in the apiculture project. We pray that this blesses many with needed income.

Furthermore, we provided water to a needy rural school. We are beginning construction of a latrine for students of another school in the region where Christian testimony is being received for the first time.

The most important experience is the one that we had in the home of some friends that we visit often. They opened up to us on a recent weekend visit. They shared their hopes, fears and frustrations in their older age. The man of the house is retired and they have a large farm. His physical abilities are not what they used to be. They want to feel close to God, but they are not able. His wife said, “I would like to have a mosque near my home to be able to say my prayers and be nearer to God; it is not the same doing them here at home.”

We shared with them about the nearness of God and how He is present in every place. He is the best mediator.

Pray that our friends hear the voice of the Lord and that our lives and words might be of impact for their lives. We pray that they would gain in understanding as they draw closer to Him.

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