Expanding the Sewing Center Network

Expanding the Network of Sewing CentersThe skills development projects that our ministry offers is the best way that we have found to reach rural women who we would otherwise have no connection with. We provide them with the opportunity to develop holistically – they learn practical skills like sewing, as well as learn different health lessons from our Community Health Evangelism team. Just last month, we had almost one hundred women from five different villages complete their six month training program for sewing and cutting. We then worked with them to help them find work with their newly acquired skillsets, and we were able to place several of them in jobs at garment factories almost immediately.

The success of this program has led us to start several new centers in the surrounding villages, and these will allow us to reach exponentially more women with this educational opportunity. One women who has successfully completed our program shares her experience with us:

“My name is Z*, and I live in village in one of the villages where Dariya set up a sewing center. I live with my father, two brothers, and my sister, and my father is working as a labor on daily wages. His job does not pay enough for us to all get by, and I desperately wanted to get education to help alleviate some of the burden that he felt. There were several barriers in the way of that becoming a reality – the first of which being our family financial position. We barely had enough to get by every day, let alone send any of us to school. On top of that, in our village there are strict rules for the women leaving their homes alone. Girls here have many dreams for their lives, but the social pressure and poor financial resources ruin them all.

Expanding the Sewing Center Network

“When I found out about the sewing center in our village, I was overjoyed. Now that I am getting this sewing training, I can use it to earn money and help my parents provide for the family, and help my siblings attend school. It is my dream to see them attend school, and to help them get through their studies. I am very thankful to this organization and team for this kindness they show to the poor girls of my village.”

Please keep our ministry in your prayers as we continue to expand:

  • We have been visiting a new village recently with the hopes of starting a center there. We visited four times, and everything seemed finalized, but at the last minute the community rejected our staff when they found out we are a Christian organization.
  • Another new center is in process, and there are several women who know they want to participate, but the landlord and owner of the property we were hoping to use are resisting it.

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