Evangelistic Tours prove Effective for Ministry

ISSG-.May 2015


Our evangelistic trips are going well. An increasing number of Muslims want to join the trips and learn more about Christianity and the Bible. We are targeting different segments of society such as school teachers, students and women’s groups from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds.

Over the six-month period ending December 2014, we conducted 10 evangelistic trips to the historical sites in the Holy Land. The total number of participants was around 400, which included some Muslims. The aim of each trip is to show the spiritual significance of the events that took place thousands of years earlier in those locations.

Two of the trips included women’s groups and the rest targeted the youth segment, who are hungry to know more about Jesus. Many of the participants might have visited the site before but were never exposed to the facts from a biblical point of view.


Qumran Scrolls Still Speaks to Hearts!

We led an evangelistic trip for 20 Muslim young men first to the Qumran archaeological site where the Old Testament scrolls were found. The young men heard about the authenticity of the Bible, which challenged their misconceptions about the Word of God. Then we took them to the Mount of Temptation in Jericho where they learned about Jesus’ teachings and how we as humans can be tempted and should ask for the help of the Holy Spirit of God. Before the trip ended, one university student asked for a copy of the Bible. Someone is following up with him.


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