Ethiopian Christians cry out for more “FAT” leadership

Ethiopia leadership training
For the first time, leaders of a Full Gospel church in Ethiopia gathered for leadership training by our ministry partner Living Gospel Ethiopia. These 65 leaders learned what it really means and to be a leader in church and the responsibilities it entails. Topics covered include church planting movements, healthy church leadership, leadership character, and peace and reconciliation.
After the training, one of the youth leaders came to Alex, the ministry leader, and asked, “Why don’t our church Elders take this training too? Every time they call us for training, but they do not participate or learn about leadership themselves. What can we do? Our leaders are not FAT (Faithful, Available and Teachable)! Now we have learned and see for ourselves our problems are a lack of knowledge. Please teach us more!
Throughout Ethiopia, Alex and his team train Christian leaders, both men and women, in churches of various denominations. Their strategy is to develop effective godly leaders from people already living in close proximity who can serve and support the church for God’s work. Over the years, Alex has refined these trainings to fit the context of those being trained and the people groups they are reaching.
Picture is Ethiopian road scene but not related to story for security purposes.

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