Escaping the Trauma of Her Past

Escaping the Trauma of Her PastWe first met Ana* at one of our ministry outreaches. She was a beautiful woman, but wore a desperate face. Her clothing was black from top to bottom, and her eyes were always full of tears. We met her, and came to find out that she had escaped her country, on the run from Islamic extremists, all by herself. She wore black to mourn her husband, who had been kidnapped while fighting in the war and had been missing ever since. She assumes that he is dead, but there has been no confirmation either way. Until there is, she will continue to wear black in mourning.

Ana* prayed with our workers at this ministry outreach, which happened last Christmas, and she accepted Jesus right there. Her life completely changed in that moment!

She started attending our Basic English course after applying for a visa as an asylum seeker. She was really quiet at the beginning and didn’t participate much. Even so, she was more advanced than the other students and, after a couple of months, she raised her hand and solved one of the questions on the whiteboard for the first time.

She successfully finished the course with a very high evaluation mark, and we were all extremely proud of her. Immediately after finishing this program, and without hesitation, she joined our very first professional makeup course as part of our vocational training program. After a couple classes there, she had gained many of the basic skills needed for this profession. We started seeing a great smile on her face while applying makeup on another person’s face, and we could tell that this program was a huge success for her.

Her dedication to surviving the trauma she had experienced did not stop there. Today, Ana* wears all types of colors, and more importantly, wears a beautiful smile on her face. She is now taking our sewing course, and is happily sharing her experience at our ministry with everyone she meets. As if this news wasn’t good enough, her visa application got approved and she is now waiting for it to arrive.

Today, Ana* is a shining light here at Purpose Haven, and she gives hope to newcomers and everyone she meets. Thank you, Ana, for being a great part of our family here. You inspire all of us every day.

*Names have been changed for security reasons

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