Equipping Ethiopian and neighboring saints

Living Gospel Ethiopia recently held leadership training in Uganda and three cities in Ethiopia. In two areas in Ethiopia, we faced electricity problems, but thank God, we could plug into solar power to charge the batteries and show a training video.

This training followed up our previous training sessions. It was so encouraging in each place to see changes in the people and commitment to ministry. When we do these trainings, most of the people clearly become more committed to do the ministry and build God’s kingdom, rather than their own kingdom. This is not just in their words of appreciation for the training, but in the example of their lives and their testimony after the previous training.

For example those from “L” city are more committed to go to one unreached area. Last month they baptized 24 people.

In another city, they are more committed to minister to the leaders of the majority religion; seven recently came to faith in Him. This shows their commitment. We can say that most, if not all, of those who are involved in the training are empowered to share the Gospel in new areas and to the unreached people around them.

Comments after this training was given:

Church in Adjumani, Uganda – 27 people say they were having problems because of lack of knowledge; they asked for more teaching.

Church in “D” city

We gave training to 42 people for the first time. All of them said this is a current message of God; we need more and all church leaders need to learn. It made us to see ourselves and how our ministry has been going.

Church in “J” city –

23 church leaders said God sent us this training to save our lives because we have been going in a wrong direction.

 Church in “L” city –

  • 32 people said, “This and the past three trainings have given us the tools to reach people in our area. God is showing us where we are and where we need to be going to do His work.
  • We also held a Bridges for Women training with 11 women. Eight were believers from M background.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support that helps us equip church leaders in Ethiopia.

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