Equip Women for a Healthy Church

The Church of Nepal

Many Nepal citizens leave the Country to work in neighboring Countries that have more opportunities for them to generate income for them to survive. Majority of workers who migrate are men, this impacts the nation as well as a significant impact on the Church of Nepal.

As a result, women, outnumber men in most of the churches in Nepal. Yet only a few of these women are actively involved in the ministries of the churches because of the male-dominated norms of society. It is not typically encouraged by church leadership for women to be in higher roles, which means they are not provided adequate training and aren’t equipped for such positions, leaving gaps in churches.

NCFN March April 2019 Women TRaining

For the Church of Nepal is to be healthy, it is necessary for an increase in women’s participation in all kinds of ministries. To solve this issue, we equip women for different leadership roles in the Church, our ministry has been running one-month leadership trainings.

These trainings give high priority to women from rural and remote areas of the Country with an approach geared towards educational and experiential for these women. The women are taught a variety of subjects and participate in different practical experiences to see growth and transformation in their own personal spiritual lives, their family lives, their own churches, and in society as a whole.

Types of Trainings:

We have completed the 42nd batch of these one-month women leadership training with eight women from six different districts. They were taught practical subjects such as Basic Christian Beliefs, Effective Leadership Heart, Bible study Method, Women in the Bible, Leadership, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Bible and Abortion, Women Trafficking, Discipleship, Christian family, Evangelism, Health, Children Ministry and Social Ministry helped them to learn the truth from the word of God.

For example,

During the Social Ministry subject, we spent half of the day training, teaching them how to make bakery items with locally available resources. After learning some baking skills, we encourage them to start a small business for income.

In every batch, we took students for a visit to prayer tower where they spent more time in prayer and to a retreat center for quiet time. In the morning, they spent time reading the Bible, and spending quality time with God, hearing God’s Voice. And the same for the evenings.

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