Encouraging women cancer patients from the Word

Encouraging women patients with cancer from the word of God 


The women’s ministry team held an outreach day for women patients with cancer. The women segment in the Muslim community is marginalized and under severe cultural and religious pressures. Married women have many complex issues within their marriage and family context, this is even worse when they become ill, as their husbands could easily get married to other wives. We listened to their stories of suffering and pain due to both emotional and physical struggles.


The most important thing is that we shared God’s healing power with them as each one left with the belief that God is a god of miracles and He is able to touch all those who call upon His name. No matter what circumstances they experience, they were encouraged to pray and maintain a relationship with the living God. Those patients would have never heard about the Lord and we give Him all the glory and honor for allowing us to share His Word. We pray for those who heard the Word as we follow up with the open hearts that felt the presence of God in their lives through the outreach day.


We thank Partners International for providing the resources to seize these types of opportunities in our society. Your continuous support and commitment is helping us to lead the way and introduce the Good News to new places. The needs seem to be increasing all the time.


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